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WRO Project Summary


Basic Principle of World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO)


Humanitarianism To realize the coexistence, coprosperity and welfare of human beings based on the benevolent spirit.


To consolidate the international societies through equality ensured for and the complete

      participation in the international society by the disabled persons.



Funding of Construction of WRO: The entire amount will be raised by attracting foreign capitals

      [current amount raised: U.S.1,000,000,000]



Investment agreement (MOA) with WRO concluded.




The 2nd MOA : with Seo Sam-Seok, Mayor of Muan county, Jeollanam Province



Total investment amount at the initial construction stage (3 years) of WRO : Approximately 4,293.5 billion Korean Won.


Expenditure required during construction preparation stage (3 years) : KRW 28.2 billion


Site purchase cost for the Kombinat (average KRW 100,000 per pyong1.2 million pyong) : KRW 120.0 billion


Total construction cost (38 buildings, gross floor area of 921,196 pyong) : KRW 4,145.3 billion



Future plan for Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with WRO


Under discussion with "JOHANN CORPORATION PTY LTD" for [Additional Investment Agreement].


Under discussion for [Agreement on Donation] with Madame ROSE C.ROZZEL/OVERSEAS

      INVESTMENT BANK, LIMITED_INSURED BY Lincoln National Insurance Company.



Future Implementation Plan


Effort to enlist WRO as a formal specialist agency of UN


Securing the human and physical resources necessary for project implementation


Holding international forums and developing public relations campaign across the world


Preparing and executing a comprehensive construction plan (design, construction, supervision, etc.)


Enactment of a special regulation on WRO (via proposal to the assembly or government)


Enactment of WRO charter and an international regulation (via proposal to UN, etc.)


Encouraging establishment of local WRO organizations in individual countries

      (e.g., Rehabilitation Organization in China, Finland, Indonesia, etc.)



WRO's Basic Principle


Establishing an upright rehabilitation policies, encouraging and inducing the development of rehabilitation science, and realizing an advanced welfare society for the disabled persons worldwide on the basis of the respect for human rights as stated in the UN Charter.


Humanitarianism: Realizing the coexistence, coprosperity and welfare of human beings based on a benevolent spirit.


Consolidating the international societies through equality ensured for and the complete participation in the international society by the disabled persons


WRO aims to contribute the realization of international social security via international public assistance, international social insurance, etc.; and practice the love for humanity by developing and propagating the programs which assist the disabled persons to live like the general public by minimizing the disadvantages of the people with mental and physical handicaps across the world.


(1)Social Security : The welfare system including social insurance, public assistance and social welfare services which is provided to protect all people from disease, handicap, old age, unemployment, diseases, etc., solve the poverty problems, and increase the quality of life of people.


(2)Social Insurance : A system to ensure the health and income of the people by scoping with the social risks occurring to them through the use of insurance programs.


(3)Public Assistance : A system operated under the responsibility of a central and local government to assist the people who do not have the capability to make a living or those in a poverty state so as to ensure their minimum level of life and help them stand on their own feet.


(4)The disabled persons shall be respected and valued as human beings, and treated accordingly. They, as members of a nation and a society, have the right to participate in the political, economic, social, cultural and any other activities.



 Background (Motive and Objective)


WRO will have the characteristics of a guiding and coordinating organization regarding the international rehabilitation projects; and aim to the construction of advanced welfare countries of the 21st century type where all the disabled persons can live in a human manner and their human rights are guaranteed. The human love and dedication of Mr. J. David Webb, a vice-president of Trust Company of Georgia, Atlanta, USA formed the mental and ideological basis of this Organization in 1987. The founder Jung-Sun, Kim (former director of the social welfare foundation, WRO) has long been succeeded to the humanitarian spirit of Mr. J. David Webb, and exerted all efforts and devotion to practice the spirit, establish the organization and enlist it as a formal specialist agency of the U.N.


 We have asked the American top officials including the president George W. Bush to strongly express the necessity for enlisting WRO as a formal [UN Rehabilitation Organization] via the various channels, e.g., international conferences such as APEC and ASEM. Again, I would like to deeply appreciate the efforts of those who have shown deep interest in the propagation of freedom and dignity of human rights throughout the alienated countries and neighbors to make the world where the disabled persons can live a happy life as well. To name some of them, there are Mr. George Byron Kerford WAPD Chairman of USA; Mr. Patty Murray, Mrs. Mary L. Landrieu, Mr. Frank H. Murkowski, Mrs. Olympia Snowe, Mr. Orrin G. Hatch, Mr. Russxll D. Feingold, Mr. Herb Kohl, Mr. Jeff Sessions, Mr. Harry Read, Mr. Robert C. Byrd, Mr. Daniel K. Akaka, Mr. Joseph R. Biden, Jr, Mr. John Edwards, Madame. Barbara A. Mikulski, Mr. Paul S. Sarbanes, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Strom Thurmond, Mr. Joe Lieberman, Mr. Sam Brownback (senators); Mr. Gary Locke, Mr. James S. Gilmore, III (state governors); Mr. Steven James Tingus, M.S., C.Phil. (director of NIDRR or National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research); and Mr. Colin Powell (Secretary of State). Thanks to the leading role of them, we hope that the WRO will become a formal UN organization just like the WHO (World Health Organization).


 In the course of incorporating the [World Rehabilitation Organization or World Organization of Persons with Disabilities] as a domestic foundation by NGOs so as to make the countries worldwide understand that the root of such effort to establish an organization is Korea, before presenting a [UN World Rehabilitation Organization] bill to U.N. formally; many countries including USA are currently showing respect and appreciation for such efforts and devotion. Since 2003, there has been the desire to establish [WRO Bill UN Presentation Cooperation Committee] in USA and other countries to promote the establishment of [UN World Rehabilitation Organization].


 And Seo Sam-Seok, a mayor of Muan county who proposed a great idea of constructing the WRO center in the business city of Muan, Jeollanam province; The FairFund Foundation (UK) Ltg(Ireland) foundation of England for attracting investments; and the chairman Mr. Johann of Johann Corporation Pty Ltd.


 If WRO is constructed in the business city of Muan, it will greatly contribute to the development not only of the top-notch rehabilitation science but also of the bio engineering, space engineering and semiconductor engineering in particular out of the national infrastructure and SOC industries. In fact, the robots and unmanned space probes which are driven by voice are the product of the rehabilitation science technology pursuing the convenience of the disabled persons.


Accordingly, based on the respect of human rights as stated in the UN Charter, this Organization is exerting its best endeavors to improve the social recognition of the disabled persons, establish upright rehabilitation policies, develop rehabilitation science, and realize the advanced welfare society so that all the disabled people worldwide can fulfill their roles in the international society without difficulty.



Projective Objective


 Assisting those with mental and physical handicap for their recovery and rehabilitation to a normal human life.


To study, develop and propagate the international policy and technology, and accommodate or support the human and physical resources which are necessary to help the people worldwide who are suffering from restrictions and pains in their daily life due to the mental and physical damages and handicap through medical treatment, restoration of their mentality and functionality, recovery of their social and vocational status, and continuous assistance of their rehabilitation to normal human life via the mutual cooperation of all countries based on humanitarianism.



Objective of WRO Foundation :


WRO, in accordance with the regulations on the establishment and operation of a public foundation, aims to contribute to the enhancement of social welfare by ensuring the rights of domestic and overseas disabled persons and improving the social welfare expertise related to them, develop high-level policies and programs regarding the welfare and rehabilitation science industry for them, and support the development of technology related thereto.



Operation Policy


Proactive effort to enlist WRO as a formal specialist agency of U.N. (via the ratification by the Members after the WRO charter is signed) Korea will be the headquarters of WRO of U.N.


Inducing the development of the rehabilitation science technology in link with space science technology. Research and development of high-tech auxiliary devices (to be carried out in link with the development of the national SOC industry)


Respect, promotion, coordination, cooperation and support of the functions and roles of the existing rehabilitation organizations and bodies of individual countries


Support will focus on the WRO member countries in an initial stage, and then be expanded to the global level.



Definition of Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation involves not only the medical treatment of the physical and mental disease but also the recovery as a social entity or a whole person including functional recovery and psychological, social and vocational restoration. It is the program to assist individuals to come over the various damages resulting from the social bottlenecks so that they may stand on their own feet as sound members of a society.


In general, rehabilitation can be divided into medical, vocational and social rehabilitation. The word "rehabilitation" originated from the Latin 'Habilitas' or 'Habiitare' which means "able to do or make something suitable". The Latin 'Rehabilitare', from which 'Rehabilitation' was derived, means "gain capacity again" and reintegration of health (Partridge, 1963). On the other hand, Webster dictionary (Neufeldt, 1994) defines the word as "Medical treatment for recovery to good state, or physical/mental treatment for restoration to a good or proper health state, and vocational consultation or training to prepare for employment (for the people with defects or disadvantageous conditions).


The word rehabilitation was first used in the document issued by American Medical Association in 1918. After the First World War, Mcmurtrie mentioned "the human factors in rehabilitation of the disabled soldiers" in regard to the retraining of the disabled veterans.


According the definition by the rehabilitation review committee of USA in 1941, rehabilitation is a dynamic process to assist the people with functional disability to keep the human dignity and self-esteem, and live an independent and self-sufficient life to the great extent possible by maximizing their physical, emotional, psychological and vocational potential via a planned rehabilitation program. Through this process and on the basis of the belief in the potential of human beings, the desperate and dependent people can be changed to active and self-sufficient ones to adapt themselves to a new life.


From this point of view, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines the world as: "Rehabilitation is the process for the people with mental and physical disability to return to the society through the reintegration of physical functions so as to meet the requirements of home, local society and vocation."


̱ Ȱȣȸ(1988) defines the rehabilitation nursing as "the diagnosis of the human reaction to and treatment of the actual or potential health problem of an individual or a human group caused by the functional disability or changed life style."



Definition of a Disabled Person


The disabled person refers to the one who is subject to significant restrictions in a daily or social life throughout a long period of time due to the physical or mental handicap. (Article 2 of Welfare of Disabled Persons Act).


The disabled person refers to the one who is subject to significant restrictions in a vocational life throughout a long period of time due to the physical or mental handicap, and who meets the criteria stated in the presidential decree. (Article 2-1, the Employment promotion and Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Act)


The term disabled person means any person unable to ensure by himself or herself, wholly or partly, the necessities of a normal individual and/or social life, as a result of a deficiency, either congenital or not, in his or her physical or mental capabilities.(Definition by UN)


Characteristics of a disabled person


Unnatural behavior due to the limited movement, and limited range of experience due to the restricted scope of movement


High degree of anxiety because the disabled person shows the risk of oneself in the form of dissatisfaction and takes the unnecessary concern or social disadvantages in a more serious manner than others.



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