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유엔기금 및 IMO 기금확보방안._IMO 의견, 인준 검토 요청. (3/12)
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유엔기금 및 IMO 기금확보방안._IMO 의견, 인준 검토 요청.

국제해사기구(IMO) 국제항해선박위치추적(LRIT)센터의 한국유치 제안, 재난구조용 SEAgod Life-Jacket 개발완료에 따른 세계시장 공급화 및 제5세대 정보이동통신체계의 위성통신모바일폰 세계 공용화에 대한 경과보고.



B. 세계재활기구와 유엔기구 상호간의 협력관계. (2010년10월1일.) (3/12)


○ 유엔 산하기구 세계재활기구(세계장애인기구/UN WRO) 창설추진_ 2006년7월. 미국 부시정부에 상정(안) 의사표명 및 11월. 유엔 반기문 총장에게 상정안 제출. 제61차 2006년12월13일. 유엔총회 192개국 만장일치로 통과 유엔장애인권리협약 채택._유엔제출내용.


○ 유엔 산하기구 세계재활기구(세계장애인기구/UN WRO) 창설추진_2008년2월. 유엔사무국 외 상임이사국(미국 • 영국 • 프랑스 • 러시아 • 중국) 그리고 유치당사국인 한국 및 멕시코 정부에 한국이 멕시코와 세계재활기구(WRO) 유치경쟁에 대한 부당함에 대한 이의제기. 정식 의사 표명 안건 제출._유엔제출내용.


History of the United Nations World Rehabilitation Organization. (2010년10월1일)



The UN WRO Organization proposal.



October 1, 2010.


Draft Reporter

Mr. Kim Jung Sun

Chairman of the UN WRO.






- WRO and Report Objectives.

- Report Synopsis.

- UN and WRO benefits.

- Recommendations and required action plan.



- Research and review of rehabilitation operations by country.

- Regional breakdown Plan.

- Operational Breakdown Plan.



- Identify types of Rehabilitation.

- Identify and research World wide services currently in operation.



- Composition and staffing of the WRO.

- Location Comparison Aspects of HQ and SUB.

- Makeup of Regional Offices and operations.

- Outline WRO intended involvement with existing services.

- Outline WRO operations and objectives with additional and new services.



- Details of UN resolutions and proposed resolutions.

- Arguments and reasons.

- Testimonial support.



- Proposed operational budget estimates [5 year] and comments.

- Explanation of Finance support Mechanism and Potentia.l

- 5 year analysis of market plan.

- explanation of self sufficiency arrangements in finance support.



sample documents.

- research references.



Additional information :






There will be more questions as we develop things. This is just the start.



*This is being asked to determine if we can make bulk offers to countries which are trying to roll out fast broadband services nationally. Australia is one such example and has a budget of $43 billion to install fire optic cable around Australia. A satellite solution can be a cheaper option. Or even a solution where fibre cable is inefficient or ineffective to reach remote areas of Australia. The user base would be around 15 million.



1. Executive summary.



WRO and Report Objectives.


Object of establishment.


The multi later alization and sudden change according to development of civilization of present time drive all the people into the more danger. Anybody can’t assert that they will sustain the physical and mental handicap owing to the accident by and war by a natural disaster and man-made calamity as well as an innate handicap. In practice, there are 10 thousands of handicapped persons in the world and it is obvious that its number will increase.



However, a lot of handicapped persons spend the painful days kept away from the world yet. The handicapped persons who don’t take the independence opportunity in the difficult environment command the overwhelming majority and in addition, they are deprived of the justifiable liberty and equality due to the social prejudice and maltreatment. It is not the problem confined to a specific individual or nation, but the problem that the change of consciousness and consideration of the whole world are required.



Therefore, the World Rehabilitation Organization intends to pursue the common benefit of the international society with the worldwide insight for the welfare and rehabilitation of all the handicapped persons. For this, we hope to present the policy and alternative proposal that the people of the whole world sympathize and practice together with the object of setting up the policy and researching the rehabilitation know-how through the scientific approaching method by introducing the World Rehabilitation Organization under the control of UN with the concept that the world is one.



The improvement of clearness of the rehabilitation administration, the worldwide right policy for the handicapped persons, and the development of the rehabilitation know-how are required before anything else under the circumstance that the wall among the races and nations has come down and it is hard to foresee the change. The World Rehabilitation Organization will make the world that the dignity of all the people is secured with all our combative spirit for inspiration of the rehabilitation mind and development of the rehabilitation technique with the genuine mind amid the concern and participation of the people of the whole world.



Purpose of establishment.


The World Rehabilitation Organization sets a goal of construction of the advanced welfare state of 21st century that all the handicapped persons can lead the human life and take the guarantee of the human right. The spiritual matrix of the organization is the consistent love and dedication of mankind of Mr. J. David Webb, a vice-president of Trust Company Bank Group (Trust Company of Georgia, Atlanta) in U.S.A. then in 1987.



For a long time, Mr. Kim Jung-Sun (the Chief Director of the society welfare corporation World Rehabilitation Organization in Korea) has devoted himself entirely to introduce the love mind of mankind of Mr. J. David Webb into NGO under the control of UN in Korea for foundation of the organization.



The organization makes the full preparations for exerting all the might in the restoration of the human rights of the handicapped persons of the whole world, our prevention of handicap, and the rehabilitation activities.



The high-tech rehabilitation science might bring about the development of international SOC industry as well as life engineering, space engineering, and semiconductor engineering. In fact, the robot operated by the people order or unmanned reconnaissance spacecraft are originated in the rehabilitation science technology based on the living convenience of the handicapped persons.



The organization will make every effort on the purpose of the improvement of social recognition for, settlement of right rehabilitation policy, development of the rehabilitation science, and incarnation of the advanced welfare society so that all the handicapped persons at home and abroad can perform each role on the basis of the respect ideology for the human rights of UN Charter.


email : wro5@wro5.com UN UN WRO